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The sheer will to survive propels Matt through this historical adventure. As he races time to complete his dangerous mission while saving himself, his sister, and his friends, Matt finds himself caught up in the lives of those living this period of history. He witnesses the complexities of the American Revolution and with each decision he makes, his life and beliefs hang in the balance. This book honestly portrays the conflict's two sides, inviting young readers to think deeply about an often-studied period of history. As readers wrestle with Matt's choices, they too are challenged to decide what is right and wrong, and which ideas are worth dying for. A compelling story that brings history to life in an authentic way.

There are two passages of death that are described graphically. While they are intense, they fit with the story and add authenticity to the reality of the war and the way it effected those who lived through it. A prepared teacher could successfully guide fifth or sixth grade students through these passages.
Publisher Summary
Ten-year-old Matt Carlton and six friends are accidentally swept back in time--to Boston in 1776--in this riveting sequel to "George Washington's Socks."
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