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Just Right Jillian
Children's - 3rd-7th Grade, Age 8-12 
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Precious little Jillian suffers from extreme shyness and will talk to only a few, select friends and never in class. Her loving grandmother has always encouraged her to open up to others, but Grandmother died last year. Jillian’s shyness has only worsened. Enter a bold, but sensitive 5th grade teacher! Only she can see Jillian’s intelligence and sensitivity. Throughout the year she brilliantly challenges Jillian to attempt to be all she can be and enter a contest of the smartest. Told against the backdrop of hatching chicken eggs. Jillian frequently compares her struggles to the hatching chicks.
Publisher Summary
In this heartfelt middle grade novel from debut author Nicole D. Collier, fifth grader Jillian must learn to speak and break free of her shell to enter her school's academic competition and keep her promise to her grandmother.

Fifth grader Jillian will do just about anything to blend in, including staying quiet even when she has the right answer. After she loses a classroom competition because she won't speak up, she sets her mind on winning her school's biggest competition. But breaking out of her shell is easier said than done, and Jillian has only a month to keep her promise to her grandmother and prove to herself that she can speak up and show everyone her true self.

A warm and relatable middle grade debut novel about family, friendship, and finding the confidence to break free from the crowd and be who you truly are.
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