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The Story of the Wright Brothers: A Biography Book for New Readers
Children's - 1st-4th Grade, Age 6-9 
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ISBN 9781647392390
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Contains fascinating details while retaining its accessibility for young readers. Simple graphics help explain timelines and concepts without distracting from the incredible story of human flight. An excellent biography!
Publisher Summary
Discover the lives of Wilbur and Orville Wright--a story for kids 6 to 12 about making ideas take flight

The Wright brothers were the first people ever to build and fly an airplane, doing what many people at the time didn't think was possible. Before they made history with their airplane, Wilbur and Orville were curious kids who loved learning about the world around them and how it worked. They fell in love with the idea of flying and taught themselves everything they needed to know to make their dream come true.

Explore how the Wright brothers went from young boys growing up in Ohio to world-famous inventors, aviators, and businessmen. How will their hard work and big imaginations inspire you?

The Story of the Wright Brothers includes:

  • Lasting change―Learn about how the Wright brothers' inventions changed how we live today.
  • Helpful glossary―Find definitions for some of the more advanced words and ideas in the book.
  • Visual timeline―Watch the Wright brothers progress from curious kids to famous flyers.

Explore how Wilbur and Orville brought their dreams to life in this fun and colorful biography for kids.
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