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Who Was Levi Strauss?
Children's - 3rd-7th Grade, Age 8-12 
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Has the subject of a biography ever surprised you? While most readers will immediately associate Strauss with his famous blue jeans, they will be surprised to find out how this innovative businessman made his mark (literally, the logo he created is still used!) on the world.
Publisher Summary
How did an immigrant who sold sewing supplies in New York City reinvent himself in the American West by creating the most iconic pair of pants in the world? Find out in this addition to the Who HQ library!

As a young working-class German immigrant, Levi Strauss left his family's dry goods business in New York City to journey out west for the California Gold Rush. Only Levi wasn't looking for gold -- he wanted to provide the miners with sturdy clothes to wear while they worked in the dusty river beds. His solution? Blue jeans -- pants made of strong denim fabric -- which have become one of the most beloved and fashionable clothing items in the world. Who Was Levi Strauss? follows the remarkable journey of this American businessman, and takes a look at how one man and a pair of pants changed fashion and the world forever.
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