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Call Across the Sea tells of Henny Sinding, a Danish girl who grew up piloting her father’s delivery boat across the inlet to the Baltic Sea. During the increasing NAZI occupation of 1943, she evades soldiers and distributes forbidden news while fearing for her Jewish neighbors. All of her skills and her courage will be needed to spirit Jewish families safely across the sea to Sweden. Her ingenuity and commitment make her one of the many real-life heroes of World War II.
Publisher Summary
History is made one brave act at a time.

Henny has grown up with her father's boat, the Gerda III, as a home away from home. She loves sailing the waters between Denmark and Sweden, carried along by the salt breeze. But when Nazi rule tightens in Copenhagen, Henny joins the resistance. And when Hitler orders the Gestapo to round up all Jewish citizens, Henny realizes that the Gerda III isn't just a boat--it's a means of escape for her Jewish neighbours. Safety and freedom are just across the channel in Sweden--as long as Henny doesn't get caught.

The fourth book in Kathy Kacer's Heroes Quartet series, Call Across the Sea brings to life a little-known part of World War II and highlights the unsung acts of heroism that moved history forward.
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