Remember Me

Ben Franklin's Fame, 6
Children's - 2nd-5th Grade, Age 7-10 
128 p. ; 
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ISBN 9781442495395
Publisher Summary
When Benjamin Franklin decides to quit, it's up to the Blast to the Past friends to find him and get history back on track in this sixth book in the Blast to the Past series.

Abigail and her friends can't believe it--Babs Magee has finally convinced someone to quit, and that someone is Benjamin Franklin! Not only is he an important Founding Father, he invented the lightning rod, bifocals, and more. Babs is making a terrible mess of history, and it's up to the third-grade time travelers to put things right.

But no matter how far back the kids go, Babs is always one step ahead of them. Will they be able to find Ben and stop Babs in time to save history?
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