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Ranger, a brave dog, wants to convince kids that reading can lead to amazing adventure. History comes alive as Ranger races through time helping young people overcome danger and evil in their quest to stay alive. Ranger and the boys he partners with are the perfect combination of bravery, curiosity, and loyalty. This story presents life-lessons like honesty, standing up for what is right, and how to build a thriving friendship, showing they stand the test of any time period. An author's note includes primary source pictures and facts about the historical time portrayed in the story so readers can instantly connect the fictionalized experience and its non-fiction basis.
Publisher Summary
Time-traveling, search-and-rescue golden retriever Ranger journeys to a Maryland plantation during the time of American slavery and helps two slave children navigate the Underground Railroad. Simultaneous and eBook.

Ranger is a time-traveling golden retriever with search-and-rescue training. In this adventure, he goes to a Maryland plantation during the days of American slavery, where he meets a young girl named Sarah. When she learns that the owner has plans to sell her little brother, Jesse, to a plantation in the Deep South, it means they could be separated forever. Sarah takes their future into her own hands and decides there's only one way to run -- north.
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