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This presentation of Lincoln's life as viewed by his children gives the reader a more personal look at the man. A gratifying portrayal that conveys whatever his position in life, Lincoln took time to enjoy his boys.
Publisher Summary
Brothers Willie and Taddie share stories about their father, Abraham Lincoln, from 1859 to 1865.

“Rarely does a biography so robustly engage the audience's emotions.” — Publishers Weekly (starred review)

Historians claim him as one of America’s most revered presidents. But to his rambunctious sons, Abraham Lincoln was above all a playful and loving father. Here is Lincoln as seen by two of his boys. With the war raging and the Union under siege, we see history unfolding through Willie’s eyes and then through Tad’s—and we see Lincoln rising above his own inborn sadness and personal tragedy through his devotion to his sons. With evocative and engaging illustrations by P.J. Lynch, Rosemary Wells's carefully researched biography gives us a Lincoln not frozen in time but accessible and utterly real.
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