Remember Me

Boundless Sky
Children's - Kindergarten-3rd Grade, Age 5-8 
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ISBN 9781911373674
Publisher Summary
A migrating swallow and a migrant girl cross paths while looking for a place to call home.

A bird so small that it fits in your hand flies halfway around the world looking for a place to nest, while a young girl from northern Africa flees halfway around the world looking for safety. This is the story of Bird. This is the story of Leila. This is the story of a chance encounter and a long journey home.

North Somerset Teachers Book Awards shortlist. Kate Greenaway Medal Nomination.

"Beneath the surface, one can find many opportunities for a deep conversation about belonging, welcoming, and freedom from oppression and danger"--Youth Book Review Services

"A delicate and touching little tale that packs its powerful message inside a velvet glove. Do yourselves a favor and order a copy now"--The Letterpress Project

"A beautiful exploration of friendship, the parallel migrations of Bird and Leila, and the welcome they receive in their new home. Perfect for developing empathy and compassion"--Library Girl and Book Boy
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