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Me and the Boss: A Story about Mending and Love
Children's - Preschool-3rd Grade, Age 4-8 
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Strong character and perspective lead readers to the heart of this story. A young boy follows his older sister obediently, but the reader understands his thoughts as they intersperse the text -- self-doubt and low confidence. Althought he walks in his sister's shadow, he challenges himself to overcome a few obstacles and act in ways usually reserved by those older and wiser. This is a unnique, meaningful story of a resourceful and kind young boy.
Publisher Summary
All the highs and lows of having a bossy, protective, and loving older sibling are depicted in this heartwarming picture book by a critically acclaimed author and award-winning illustrator. Meet Lee, a little boy who won't give up until he learns how to sew, and Zora, the sister who watches him try--and ultimately succeed!

I know big sisters. Zora, the boss, she's mine, explains Lee as he and Zora head to the library, where Mrs. C is teaching the children how to sew. Though Zora sews a beautiful flower on her cloth square, little Lee makes a mess out of the half-moon he is trying to stitch. That night, when he can't sleep, he gives sewing another try...and succeeds, even mending the hole in his pants pocket! The next morning, he sneaks into Zora's room and sews the ear back on Bess, her stuffed bear. When Zora discovers Bess, she wraps Lee in her special big sister hug--for just a moment--and then is back to being the boss once again. An acclaimed author and a Coretta Scott King-John Steptoe Award-winning illustrator create a funny, oh-so-true portrait of a brother and sister's relationship in this winning picture book.
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