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The Case of the Stinky Socks (Book 1)
Children's - 2nd-6th Grade, Age 7-11 
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ISBN 9781575652856
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A mail order kit promising to make its owner into a world-class detective launches Milo into the world of crime fighting. Well, maybe not crimes exactly just yet, but at least a missing pair of socks! An unlikely partnership and friendship with Jasmine ("Jazz") adds skills to those Milo learns from his detective kit. Together, can they find the missing "lucky" socks and catch the thief before the school's baseball team loses to its main rival? Fun and lighthearted, the story will please young mystery fans and reluctant readers.
Publisher Summary
The Milo & Jazz Mysteries stars two kid detectives-in-training who use STEM problem-solving skills as they race to unravel cases and save the day! Perfect for fans of Encyclopedia Brown, Cam Jansen and Nate the Great.

The high school's star pitcher is missing his lucky socks, and his pitching is going to pieces! Can detective duo Milo and Jazz find the thief--before the big game? This ideal series for beginning readers making the transition to chapter books has incredible Super Sleuthing activities in each book, including hidden pictures, puzzles, mini-mysteries, and quizzes--plus free online activities.
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