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What's the Big Deal about Elections
Children's - 1st-4th Grade, Age 6-9 
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An engaging way to introduce young people to the American voting system. By using lively, age-appropriate illustrations, the author/illustrator makes the concept of democracy and the agency a young person has for influence realistic and meaningful. A logical presentation weaves together historical fact with thought-provoking ideas that challenge future voters to pay attention, think well, recognize what democracy looks like in their classrooms, communities, and beyond, and to figure out the role that they can play.
Publisher Summary
From campaigns to voting booths, from local elections to national races, this fun and fact-filled book--now in chapter book format!--celebrates the fundamental American idea that we the people get to decide who runs the show. A perfect way to start a conversation about American elections with young readers.

Did you know that we have more than ninety thousand state and local governments in the US? Or that Election Day celebrations two hundred years ago featured marching bands and bonfires? How about that George Washington was our only president who ran unopposed?

Elections allow adult citizens the chance to choose how our cities, states, and country are run. Even kids who can't vote yet can make their voices heard by helping the candidates they like get votes! Our elections can seem complicated, but at their core they're all about having a say in our own lives and future. In this fun and fact-filled chapter book, readers learn just how important being an active participant in our democracy can be through one simple message: Elections matter, and we can all play our part.

This entertaining, fact-filled book, perfect for fans of the Who Was series, is a great way to talk about American elections and the fact that we all have a voice and a role to play.

With full-color illustrations throughout and a timeline of American voting rights expansions and additional reading resources at the end, this book is a perfect introduction to the story of elections in America.
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