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Thank You, Dr. Salk!: The Scientist Who Beat Polio and Healed the World
Children's - Preschool-3rd Grade, Age 4-8 
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ISBN 9780374313913
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An inspiring story of committing to a dream, rising to the challenge, and finding a way to make it reality. Desaturated colors offer a calm presentation of this hopeful individual, and the slow but steady progress he made toward eradicating polio. Short, clear sentences effectively convey Dr. Salk's sympathetic motive and his gently approach to an enormous task.
Publisher Summary
Dr. Jonas Salk finds the cure for polio in this inspiring, educational, and timely nonfiction picture book.

Jonas Salk wasn't seen as a brave hero--not at first. As a child he was quiet and unassuming, but Jonas dreamed of tikkun olam, the Jewish phrase for "healing the world." He saw the polio virus strike his city, and he knew that with determination and hard work, he could be the one to stop its spread. So he grew up to study medicine, ultimately creating the polio vaccine that saved untold numbers of lives--and healed the world!

With Dean Robbins's inspiring text and Mike Dutton's dynamic illustrations, Thank You, Dr. Salk! is a true and timely story of trials, triumph, and what it takes to achieve your dreams. An author's note provides additional insight into Dr. Salk's life and influences, and the history of vaccines.
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