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Little Red Hoodie
Children's - 2nd-5th Grade, Age 7-10 
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ISBN 9780823450015
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This modern recreation of “Little Red Riding Hood” is a loaded basket of humor and suspense with its references to both familiar fairy-tale characters and current-culture America. The wolf, the three little pigs, the evil witch queen, and even Chicken Little make appearances alongside HoGTV films to help Little Red Hoodie make her very special delivery to Grandma’s house.
Publisher Summary
It's not the big bad wolf that stops Little Red Hoodie from getting to grandma's house in this rollicking take on the fairy tale--Red can't follow directions!

Follow Magic Wand Lane to Glass Slipper Boulevard, right on Beanstalk, left on Breadcrumb, down the Garden Path, and you're there, said Little Red Hoodie's mom, but Red wasn't exactly paying attention.

Before she knows it, she's hopelessly lost in the forest-- and to make matters worse, someone has stolen her basket of goodies. It'll take the whole forest to undercover the thief and get the directionally challenged Little Red Hoodie back on track to Grandma's house.

A companion to the delightfully irreverent Goldilocks, Go Home!, this latest from Martha Freeman features all the wit and charm of the first book as well as cameos by Bobby (Baby) Bear, the Pig Brothers from HoGTV, Chicken Little, and many more. Marta Sevilla's clever drawings effortlessly capture the spirited banter among characters as Little Red Hoodie and Bobby Bear take turns narrating the story.
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