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Darling, Mercy Dog of World War I
Children's - 2nd-5th Grade, Age 7-10 
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ISBN 9781561459810
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Uniquely told from a dog's point of view, this book is both authentic and inspiring. Readers join Darling as she transforms from a spoiled carefree pet into a self-sacrificing war hero. Her journey provides a new perspective on World War I and allows readers to think about the kind of character necessary for thinking of others first in moments of life and death. Written with engaging characters and just the right amount of action, this story shows the change that love and loyalty can bring to one's character. The story's conclusion includes the history behind the story, along with an extensive bibliography of print and digital resources.

There are some very descriptive battle scenes, and while they are not inappropriate, the death depicted may warrant some discussion prior to reading.
Publisher Summary
An action-packed, heartwarming story of a World War I canine hero

When the British military asks for dogs to help the war effort, Darling's family reluctantly sends her to be trained as a mercy dog. Through gunfire and poisonous gases, it's Darling's job to find injured soldiers on the battlefield and fetch help from the medics. After saving the lives of numerous soldiers, Darling suddenly finds herself in need of rescue. Will she ever make it back to England?

This wartime adventure, the first installment in Alison Hart's Dog Chronicles series, is a touching and exciting introduction to World War I. Darling's story of bravery and devotion reminds readers that dogs can be so much more than pets.
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