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Sky Color
Children's - Kindergarten, Age 5-6 
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ISBN 9780763623456
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Obstacles are simply opportunities in disguise. Marisol refuses to let disappointment cloud her ability to solve a problem; instead she opens her eyes to see the familiar as new. Maybe if challenge didn't stand in our way, we'd never have the chance to see differently -- to live a little more richly and create something better from having had the experience. Reynolds offers a refreshing tale of possibility for kids of all ages.
Publisher Summary
When her teacher asks Marisol to help make a mural for the school library, she wonders how she can make a sky without blue paint.

The sky’s no limit as the author-illustrator of The Dot and Ish winds up his Creatrilogy with a whimsical tale about seeing the world a new way.

Marisol loves to paint. So when her teacher asks her to help make a mural for the school library, she can’t wait to begin! But how can Marisol make a sky without blue paint? After gazing out the bus window and watching from her porch as day turns into night, she closes her eyes and starts to dream. . . . From the award-winning Peter H. Reynolds comes a gentle, playful reminder that if we keep our hearts open and look beyond the expected, creative inspiration will come.
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