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In a moment, KT finds herself in a world where traditional values and priorities have been turned upside-down. Her brother, once an easily overlooked family member, is winning tournaments and trophies while KT, a once highly regarded softball player, struggles to find a pathway out of obscurity. This fascinating scenario creates opportunities for readers to consider values, daily dynamics, and the value of every individual. A engrossing read that will please even reluctant readers.
Publisher Summary
While playing in the championship softball game, pitcher KT Sutton blacks out and awakes to a changed world where the roles of academics and sports have flipped, making star athletes, such as KT, outcasts and brainy nerds popular.

What if school was sports, and sports were school? A talented teen athlete questions reality—and the role she plays in it—when a mysterious injury upends her world.

Athletics are everything for eighth-grader KT Sutton. She’s a softball star, and she’s on track to get a college scholarship and achieve international fame. Then one day during a championship game—in the middle of an important play—she suddenly blacks out.

When she wakes up, she’s in a different world. One where school is class after class of athletic drills, and after-school sports are replaced by popular academic competitions. One where KT is despised for her talent, and where her parents are fixated on her brother’s future mathletics career rather than KT’s softball hopes.

KT is desperate to get back to reality as she knew it, but bits and pieces of disturbing memories and dreams make her wonder if something truly awful happened there. What if she’s lost something a lot more important than a softball game?

From New York Times bestselling author of Sent and Sabotaged, an engaging and highly relevant exploration of society’s debate of smarts versus sports.
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