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Experienced time travelers, Jonah and Katherine accept the challenge of returning their friend Andrea, who is actually Virginia Dare, to her rightful place and time: the mysterious and seemingly ill-fated Roanoke Colony. However, a strange man calling himself Second intervenes, and nothing in the sixteenth-century colony is as it should be—at least according to history and the time travelers' experiences.

As Andrea rediscovers her family history, Jonah and Katherine attempt to keep from generating damaging ripples throughout history, a challenge that grows more difficult as confusing scenarios play out. Is history more important than family? Does what we know, or think we know, of the past have possible alternatives? From questions surrounding daily life to questions of cosmic importance, Haddix once again provides a rollicking adventure that insists readers engage, ponder, and make decisions. An enthralling experience that will captivate readers, both eager and reluctant. Some content makes this a good choice for ages 12+. (Book Three in Missing Series)
Publisher Summary
Time-travelers Jonah and Katherine are summoned to help another missing child from history, this time Virginia Dare from the Roanoke Colony, but their journey is sabotaged and goes dangerously awry, leaving them in the wrong time period.

After helping Chip and Alex survive 15th century London, Jonah and Katherine are summoned to help another missing child, Andrea, face her fate. Andrea is really Virginia Dare, from the Lost Colony of Roanoke. Jonah and Katherine are confident in their ability to help Andrea fix history, but when their journey goes dangerously awry, they realize that they may be in over their head. They've landed in the wrong time period. Andrea doesn't seem that interested in leaving the past. And even worse, it appears that someone has deliberately sabotaged their mission...
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