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Polar Polka : Counting Polar Bears in Alaska
Children's - Kindergarten, Age 5-6 
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ISBN 9781570615207
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A polka-playing band of ten polar bears gathers on an iceberg that's big enough to serve as a stage. The music strikes up, when suddenly-SNAP-a chunk of the iceberg breaks off, and one of the bears floats away. Then-BOINK-must be warming up because another piece of the ice and another musician just crashed off the side. Can you imagine a polka band without the tuba? Counting backwards, the band is eventually reduced toÉnone. But fear not, the bears push their pieces of the iceberg back together, and the show goes on!

As ten polar bears play the Polar polka on an iceberg, pieces keep snapping away, decreasing their numbers but making room for a host of other animals to join the fun.

Ten polka-playing polar bears gather on an iceberg that's big enough for a stage. The band begins to play, then suddenly ? SNAP! ? a chunk of the iceberg breaks off and one of the bears floats away. Undaunted, the now nine-member band strikes a chord when ? POP! ? there goes another piece, and another bear, too. Bear by bear, the band is eventually reduced to?none! How will the show go on? The bears' clever solution provides a satisfying finale to this amusing learn-to-count story. Colorful illustrations depict whales, walrus, seals, and other Alaskan wildlife along with the furry musicians.
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