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Last Resort
Children's - Grade 3-4, Age 8-9 
48 p.  
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ISBN 9781568461724
Make Way For Books
Every once in a while you find a book whose words beg to be put on, worn like a garment of the finest cloth. They feel so good, they swish, swirl, dazzle, delight. And if the words weren't enough, painted illustrations beckon as an invitation to a fine art gallery viewing. They envelop, move, challenge, clarify.

The Last Resort is one of those rare gems — it had me from page one: "One lazy gray afternoon, as I was humdrumming along, my imagination, apparently angry at being ignored, took a holiday—and never returned." And thus begins a creative search to discover what inspires imagination. Words, played upon and made-up, dance alongside literary characters from favorite classics whose shared journey brings each to The Last Resort (or is it "Lost Heart, Rest"?)

Though adults will relish the beautiful meaning-of-life themes these seekers find—love, adventure, bravery, and truth—younger readers, especially middle and high school age, will benefit from rich metaphors, cleverly interwoven stories, and the puzzle-like challenge of figuring out what each character seeks. Dry times, whether disguised as boredom, disappointment, fear, or writer's block may be common experience, but as this tale brilliantly shows, there is something to be done about it. A delightful literary treat to savor time and again.
Publisher Summary
A writer who can't find anything to write about goes for a drive and meets literary figures of the past who inspire him.
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