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The riveting retelling brings drama and anticipation to the historical achievements of the Wright brothers. Photographs, many captured by the brothers themselves, are interspersed at key points to help readers visualize the scenes. This is a masterful combination of writing and photography!
Publisher Summary
Describes the Wright Brothers' development of the airplane, from their early research at the Smithsonian in 1899 to the first powered, sustained, and controlled flight in 1903

A Newbery Honor-winning biography of the men whose experiments brought about the Age of Flight. 

This engaging narrative account of Orville and Wilbur Wright, two men with little formal schooling but a knack for solving problems, follows their interest from a young age in the developing field of aeronautics.  Russell Freedman’s writing brings the brothers’ personalities to life, enhancing the record of events with excerpts from the brothers’ writing and correspondence, and accounts of those who knew them.

Chronicling their lives from their early mechanical work on toys and bicycles through the development of several flyers, The Wright Brothers follows the siblings through their achievements—not only the first powered, sustained, controlled airplane flight, but the numerous improvements and enhancements that followed, their revolutionary airplane business, and the long legacy of that first brief flight.

Illustrated with numerous historical photographs—many taken by the Wright brothers themselves—this is a concise, extremely reader-friendly introduction to these important American inventors.

Includes a note on the Wright brothers’ photographs, as well as recommendation for further reading and learning.
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