Remember Me

The Adventurous Life of Myles Standish and the Amazing-But-True Survival Story of Plymouth Colony: Barbary Pirates, the Mayflower, the First Thanksgiv
Teen - 5th-9th Grade, Age 10-14 
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Say hello to Myles Standish, a fiery man with short legs and an even shorter temper. When he got mad his face turned as red as his hair, earning him the nickname Captaine Shrimpe. It's a story that has been told for almost 400 years--how a brave band of people set sail on the Mayflower to find a new life in America. By weaving her chatty, narrative text with her incredibly detailed artwork, award-winning author-illustrator Cheryl Harness makes readers feel as though they are part of the adventure. Students will discover all sorts of things they never knew before: that a teenage boy almost blew up the Mayflower and that the first Indian the Pilgrims met greeted them in English! They'll learn more serious things, too: all about why they came, the hardships they suffered, the people they met, and the successes they achieved. Middle-graders will experience one of history's great adventures as only Cheryl Harness can tell it.
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