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Small Acts of Amazing Courage
Children's - 4th-7th Grade, Age 9-12 
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This intricate, but gently-told story explores how justice and mercy begins with small, humble acts of amazing courage. Rosalind finds herself straddling a precarious and widening rift between an India that embraces a caste system and a growing minority of Indians who favor independence from Britain by peaceful, intelligent means. A similar rift within her family and eventually her extended family presents a parallel story line where readers see the struggle to change or break free from oppressive, age-old views involves overcoming close-mindedness, pride, and fear. Whelan's penchant for detail stated eloquently has created a powerful challenge for today's readers.
Publisher Summary
Kindness has incredible consequences in this compelling novel set in colonial India from a "master storyteller" (Publishers Weekly) and National Book Award-winning author.

It is India, 1918, six months after the end of World War I, and Rosalind awaits the return of her father from the war. Rosalind is kept from boarding school in England at her mother's insistence. While her father has been at war, Rosalind sees the country slowly change. A man named Ghandi is coming to power, talking about nonviolence and independence from Britain. Rosalind longs to live the life that her heart tells her, not what her parents prescribe for her, but no one seems to listen.

This penetrating story, told with lush and vivid detail, contrasts Rosalind's privilege and daily experiences in India with the hardship of the people around her. As she comes of age during this volatile period of history, will she find the courage to claim her own identity and become her own person?

National Book Award-winning author Gloria Whelan's "insight into history and her characters' minds make every moment of this saga believable" (Publishers Weekly, starred review). This paperback edition includes an excerpt of All My Noble Dreams and Then What Happens, the standalone companion to Small Acts of Amazing Courage.
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