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How Is My Brain Like a Supercomputer? : And Other Questions About the Human Body
Children's - Grade 1-2, Age 6-7 
32 pages  
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ISBN 9781454906810
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The concise overview of the human body paired with colorful, textbook-like illustrations provide a perfect blend of scientific detail and awe. Covering how body systems work and for what purpose, Stewart also mentions what might happen if an imbalance occurs, and other facts, almost anticipating what inquiring minds might ask. A blend of photographs, high-magnification images, and drawn cut-aways overlaying a skeletal system on a young soccer player in action offer a riveting scientific informational reading experience.
Publisher Summary
Why do I have a belly button? What happens to the food I eat? Why am I different from everyone else on Earth? All children want to understand how their body works, and this lively illustrated book explains it all, from what DNA is to how their heart pumps blood.

Answers questions about human physiology, including what DNA is, how the heart pumps blood, and what the body's biggest organ is.
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