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Give Me Liberty!: The Story of the Declaration of Independence
Children's - 5th Grade+, Age 10+ 
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ISBN 9780823414482
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A gripping tale of the 11-year struggle put forth by the Colonists for recognition by King George III and Parliament, culminating in the Declaration of Independence. Recommended for Ages 9-14.
Publisher Summary
Celebrated children's historian Russell Freedman explores the tensions in colonial America that led to the creation of the Declaration of Independence and the birth of a nation.

This engaging account delves into the deep-rooted conflicts between the American colonies and the British crown, presenting the Revolution not as a sudden break between distant governments but an inevitable result of building pressure, spurred on by events and guided by the distinct personalities that would become the Founding Fathers.

With a strong focus on cause and effect and the actions of important individuals, Give Me Liberty! traces the tensions that built up in the 1770s, including the Stamp Act, the Boston Tea Party, and the early battles of the Revolutionary War, culminating in the signing of the Declaration in 1776, and its spread through the new American nation.

Illustrated with historical paintings, prints, and document reproductions, Freedman weaves primary sources and contemporaneous accounts into his narrative, making it an immersive and eye-catching resource.

Perfect for students of American history, this introduction to the American Revolution also includes a final chapter on how the ideals expressed in the Declaration of Independence have persisted and evolved through the years, inspiring later generations to seek rights for more and more Americans. Detailed backmatter includes a printed image and full text of the Declaration, a timeline of events, selected bibliography, and index.
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