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Writer's Coach : The Complete Guide to Writing Strategies That Work
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ISBN 9781400078691
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Quite simply, this is the best book on writing. Hart take a piece-by-piece approach in explaining the components of good writing and illustrates each with multiple examples and non-examples. If you have something to say and want to say it better, this is the book you're looking for!
Publisher Summary
Mystified over misplaced modifiers? In a trance from intransitive verbs? Paralyzed from using the passive voice? To aid writers, from beginners to professionals, legendary writing coach Jack Hart presents a comprehensive, practical, step-by-step approach to the writing process. He shares his techniques for composing and sustaining powerful writing and demonstrates how to overcome the most common obstacles such as procrastination, writer’s block, and excessive polishing. With instructive examples and excerpts from outstanding writing to provide inspiration, A Writer’s Coach is a boon to writers, editors, teachers, and students.

Offers a step-by-step approach to the entire writing process, from gathering ideas and developing theme statements and outlines, to composing powerful, accessible, and varied writing samples, with practical tips on how to overcome procrastination, writer's block, and other obstacles to good writing.
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