Remember Me

Nana, Cracks the Case!
Children's - Grade 3-4, Age 8-9 
112 p.  
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ISBN 9780811862585
Make Way For Books
This is a hilarious tale of an unlikely detective and her young sidekicks. It definitely ups the grandparent cool factor!
Publisher Summary
Eufala and Bog's very feisty grandmother takes a job with the Crispy County Police Department, searching for a candy thief.

Nana is not your ordinary grandma. She never wears cloppy shoes, drinks prune juice, or worries about slippery surfaces. Eufala and Bog's nana would much rather join the circus, work as a backhoe operator, or maybe become a detective. Which is exactly what happens in this very funny chapter book. When Nana answers an ad in the local newspaper for a detective, she arrives at the police department just in time to investigate the theft of one entire case of delicious Yumdums candy. Can one little old lady find a way to save the day and stop the candy thief from striking again?

Look for more adventures starring Nana, Eufala, and Bog coming soon!
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