Remember Me

Children's - Grade 4-6, Age 9-11 
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"The soldier heaved me over his shoulder as if I were a spring lamb.

"I am not Israelite!" I screamed.

I beat his back, hurting my hands. "Let me go."
"Adara has always longed to do the things that well-brought-up girls of her time are not supposed to do. She wants to learn to read and write -- like men. And she wants the freedom to travel -- like men -- outside the boundaries of her sheltered life.One day she awakens to a blast of trumpets as the Israelites and Arameans battle just outside the safety of her village walls. Curious, Adara sneaks out to see the battle. Little does she know that this will be her last day of freedom for a very long time.Sold into slavery, Adara becomes a servant to General Namaan and his family and begins a remarkable journey of self-discovery, healing, and redemption -- a journey that, in the end, faces her with the hardest decision of her life . . .download discussion guide (PDF)Accelerated reader quiz available. For more information,

A slave girl convinces her master, the mighty Syrian general, Naaman, to seek a cure from his leprosy from the prophet Elisha in this novelization of the Old Testament story.
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